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We get Kudos!

R. Rinehart "Veteran" 82nd Airborne Division
I am so happy that Veterans of your caliber are doing this to protect the dignity of Veterans every where. I am not trying to expose anybody. I just wanted to tell you all that you do a fantastic job and if there is anything I can do to support you guys I will.
T. Mitchell VN 67-68
I am a disabled VietNam vet, who sends his deepest thanks for your service to all who served and particularly those who sacrificed. I run into the braggers and fakers so much that I wish the Stolen Valor Act would allow one solid punch in the nose to each of them without prosecution.
Christopher K.
I am the son of a Vietnam veteran and retired Air Force service member. I am very proud of his service, and it saddens me that people would take advantage of our pride and gratitude by impersonating veterans and heroes. Thank you for all you are doing, and keep up the good fight!
Ranier G.
Thank you so much for your time and effort in confirming our suspicions about this man. My sister in fact has broken off her engagement. He did come clean and said that it all started with a small lie that grew out of control and he found himself in a situation where he couldnt go back. However, this does not justify his actions. I cannot thank you all enough for helping with his case. Please accept my sincerest gratitude for all you do!
Del D.
Hey, I just got around to looking at the website, and found it very impressive. And all those successful outings of phonies are great.
My sincere, deep congratulations to everyone on the team.
Matthew D. - SGT, OK Army NG
I am in the Oklahoma Army National Guard Currently in Afghanistan.  If you ever need assistance I would volunteer any service I can help with.  I have had to many buddies die here in Afghanistan already and it makes me sick to see people out there that claim to have done something and take all that away from our real heroes.
I appreciate all you do. Since I have been in Afghanistan we have lost 12 guys in my Brigade. Eight of those have been in my battalion. We have had several wounded as well. These guys are my friends and the real heros. Keep doing everything you can to get rid of the phonys that take away everything from the real Heroes that have died or been wounded for this country.
Charles R.
As a veteran and patriot, please allow me to extend my sincere gratutude for your good works. I am retired military & law enforcement and semi-retired private detective.
Caleb F.
As a soldier, I just want to thank you for everything that you do.
Linda D.
Thank you for the work you are doing! I am disturbed when I see someone misrepresent their military service, particularly when it appears to be connected with a scam.
John H. Jr., Maj, USA (Ret)
Came upon your site quite by accident. Just wanted to thank you for what you do. Keep turnin' over those rocks!
Norm M. - USMC
After reading Stolen Valor, I have become more aware and questioning the claims of anyone who doesn'pass the "SNIFF TEST." I have exposed just a few but a drop in the bucket as compared to your huge efforts. I just want to thank you for attempting to protect the most important achievement of my life. Semper Fidelis Folks.
John B.
Congratulations on doing a great job. I'm saddened that there are so many out there that make these false claims. I wish you success hunting them down.
Steve R.
I would like to thank you all for reporting the frauds who claim to be Military Heros. I have heard a few claims of those who said they were either in Delta Force or a Ranger Battalion. My only regret is not getting the names of those two individuals who claimed to be in either elite group. As a veteran of OIF 1 and 3 I feel it is important to "smoke out" the phonies that fradulantly report veteran status. I applaud your work and wish you continued success.
John C.
Gentlemen: You're doing an outstanding job! Keep up the good work. They're out there and they walk among us, let's keep sending them where they belong!
Keely W.
I just wanted to send an email to you all about how amazing I think the work your doing is. I spent 7 years in the Army as a paralegal and helped prosecute Soldiers that claimed service, schools, and awards that they did not receive. Keep up the good work and don't let these people take away from our men and women that deserve respect for the hard work that they've done.
Charlie G.
I have read Stolen Valor twice and was astonished, angry and bitter. I am a real Vietnam Vet and give you my heart felt thanks. Keep up the good work.
Walter D.
You are doing a noble job! I was NOT a SEAL, but I did work with spec ops in Vietnam for 2 years and I am proud of that work. I want to help you expose those who dishonor our brethern by making false claims of valor.
John D.
I just want to tell you how outstanding I think you men are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and protection of this great nation and all it stands for. God Bless and keep exposing those phony bastards.
Holly B.
As someone who comes from a Navy family I have a lot of respect for anyone who wears or wore the uniform of the US. The fact that there are those out there who make false claims to the honors that men and women who actually served earned to me is despicable. I appreciate the efforts of the team at Stolen Valor for all they do to expose the frauds and charlatains out there. It is sad that cowards couldn't / wouldn't step up and have the guts that they claim they do. Again thanks for all you are doing.
Paul V.
Gentalmen, I am a retired Submsriner, ETCS/SS, and the Base Commander for the United States Submarine Veterans Inc. XXXX Base, and District Commander for two states. I wish to tell all of you Thank You for what you have done and are doing for our country and for it's Heros.
Mike P.
I think what you are doing is Great! I sleep well at night knowing there are people like you out there keeping us safe. THANK YOU!!!
Sam I.
Ex-pat living in Berlin, very cautious follower of our foreign policies, and proud of you guys for reaching Bin Laden and taking him out. But I'm writing to just say: I hold y'all in very high regard, now GO AFTER THOSE PHONIES, every office-holding one of them, every "respectable" creep among them and nail 'em, expose 'em!!! I am as moved by your efforts as I am disgusted with theirs to promote their sad, tiny egos. God bless you! That's all I wanted to say.
David C.
I would like to thank you and your staff of exposing these phonies. I am retired Army myself and in my wildest dreams would I ever would think about claiming something that I am not. These people that like to pump themselves up by claming they are something they are not should serve time. I would also like to take this time to thank you and all of the Special Ops people for ever thing you have done and will do for us. Thanks once again and keep up the good work.
Gerald S.
I want to thank you men for your military service & for exposing the phonies. My son did two tours in Iraq, received may honors and never, ever mentions that fact. I have a feeling that is the case with most of the true heros.
Chris McD.
Until a few months ago I never thought there are those out there who fabricate an honorable military background. It's such a betrayal to everyone that I lack words to suitably describe it. I admire this team for their prior service and their current work in exposing these individuals. I am enlisting (at 24, better late than never right?) so at least there's one less potential phony to worry about. Thank you for all that you do!
Jaysen S.
Hey folks, I just wanted to drop you all a line and tell you that I think what you are doing is fantastic! As a veteran myself, it really baffles me how someone can claim to be something they're not, especially when it comes to serving our great nation! Keep up the great work, continue exposing those faking bastards... and God bless you all!
Henry C.
I am a disabled vet, my father a Viet Nam era Bronze Star recipient. From both of us, Thank You for what you do!
Wilmer K.
I want just to thank you for the work your doing to stop these wantabes! I'm a Vietnam vet and proud of it! I just hate it when I see or hear of these people who want the glory but don't have the guts to step up for our country! I'm proud of our military and I thank them for what they do for everyone of us. Thank you again for your work, I for one really do appericate it!
John S.
You are doing a great service and please keep up the work. Thanks, JSS PH Retired PO3 U.S. Navy Seabees MCB 4
Jim D.
Just a few words to say thanks for the work you do. Expose the phonies! I'm ex-Navy and have the greatest respect and admiration for what the SEALs do and the training they go through. We need them and they are vital to the security of our country. Keep up the good work.
Eric H.
I can't believe people actually fake it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. My son USNA '05 graduate was assigned to Team 3 as a Targeting Officer and was awarded two Bronze Star Medals for his actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know what it is to know SEALS and their demeanor. None have every bragged about anything, ever.
George R. LTC (RET) USAF
I had the honor of serving with capt. Larry Bailey and "Stormin" Norman Olsen at JSOC ft. Bragg where I was the OPs officer for the JCU. Glad your still in the fight Skipper!
Kevin S.
I was just a weekend weenie in the Army reserves but i have a lot of respect for what all of you have gone thru. I think it's awesome you've exposed the fakes.
Stephen M.
Great job guys, I've sat next to too many people who could tell some tall tales, but instead of punching them in the face, I just laugh. SAR Swimmer 10yrs current Blackhawk Crewchief ARNG.
Larry C.
Thank you for writting Stolen Valor. This should be required reading for journalists, reporters and all history students. I got it yesterday and couldn't stop reading. It confirmed why I hate that feel sorry for me Wall in DC. I'm sure he is aware of the DoD's Commemoration program for the 50th Annversary of the war is about to start. This will be another opportunity for the phonys to show up. I have met the guys in charge and will buy them copies of Stolen Valor and insist they all read the book.
Michael E. - Purple Heart, USA, MP
I just wanted to thank you guys for what you do. I am a 30 year old Purple Heart Vet of the US. Army (MP). I am currently a Federal Police Officer for the Veterans Administration and I cant stand how often every single vet I encounter tells me he is "Special Forces" and he has "PTSD." Its a damn shame that ANYONE has the balls to imposter a true hero who has given his life to training and very dangerous military service. I hope they bust them all. You Guys Rock.
David S. - USN 1962-1966
To all involved with this book. I'm reading it now, a great job. What a sorry bunch of people from those who believe these guys (which is hard not to do) but the news media who have resoures to check it out. I'm a Navy vet,62-66 East Coast, Destoryers. Drove truck across country for 28 years and I have a few stories about the Stolen Valor. Seen it many times. Guys in uniform asking for rides. A few questions and you know they are not who they say they are. Anyway, thanks for the book. I received an email a couple of weeks ago that relates to this about the war and people involed. I could not believe the numbers. The 2000 Cencus says the number of Americans falsely claiming to have served in-country is 13,853,027. Thanks again, God Bless those that did serve.
Joe H. - MAJ, US Army, Ret.
Hey guys! Just wanted to say I appreciate what you do. Wish I could be out there catching bad guys, too. I certainly do keep my eyes out for it, but no luck yet. Anyway, keep up the fire! Thanks for all you do. Joe
Ronald E.
Fighter Pilot, Lt Col, USAF (ret.) I think what you guys are doing is awesome.
Jonathan C.
As a Marine veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I would like to extend sincere thanks to your organization for shedding light on such a disgusting phenomenon. Thank you, and God bless.
Al C.
Keep up the good work. Now the courts have decided to take the side of the imposters over real veterans. As a Vietnam combat vet, I know that we need you guys more than ever now.
Marilyn T.
Congratulations on the impressive investigative team you have assembled for a reality TV show dedicated to honoring & protecting the reputation of our country's real military heroes, and protecting hard-earned taxpayer funds exclusively for care of those wounded in our defense.I pray that fake heroes who prey on the sympathies and resources of our wonderful country will be made accountable. Their exposure may serve as a deterrent for future would-be fakers, showing lies have consequences. Our family has been greatly harmed by one of those imposters. May God bless your efforts.
Torsten G.
Thanks for your efforts. I'm a retired Navy O-4 (EA-6B ECMO) and these fakers blow my mind. Heck, when I run into folks now who claim this or that I ask for a active CAC or blue ID or if they have a DD214! Thanks again.
John W.
The best way to silence the pathetic nothings who fake their history is to expose them with ridicule they deserve. They can not stand the light of day.
Francis V.
Thank you, all of you. "Freedom has a smell, only those who have fought for it will ever understand that." (Anonymous vet). USAF, Captain (O-3E), Viet era-veteran (PCS Thailand, TDY Thailand, TDY Vietnam - two weeks)